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Sunglasses Services Offered in Henderson, NV

Protecting your eyes from sun exposure can prevent damage to your eyelids, corneas, retinas, and many other structures in your eyes. At Optic Gallery The District in the District neighborhood of Henderson, Nevada, Alaina Lavine, OD, Tiffany Nguyen, OD, and the team can recommend the best sunglasses to protect your eyes and maintain optimal vision. Call the optometry office or schedule an appointment online to learn more about prescription and non-prescription sunglasses.

What are sunglasses?

Sunglasses protect your eyes from ultraviolet (UV) rays and intense sunlight. They help preserve your vision and keep your eyes from feeling fatigued. Sunglasses offer a simple solution for sun damage. They are available in various fashionable styles and price points to suit your lifestyle and budget.

How do sunglasses work?

Sunglasses work similarly to mirrors. They reflect light away from your eyes to protect them from glare. As a result, you’re less likely to squint outside, which prevents eyestrain. Sunglasses protect your eyes from fatigue and preserve their function to minimize your risk of eye diseases such as:

  • Glaucoma

  • Macular degeneration

  • Growths

  • Certain types of cancer

​​​​​​​The team may assess your risk of chronic eye diseases to recommend the appropriate lenses for your sunglasses.

What should I look for in sunglasses?

The experienced optometrists at Optic Gallery The District work with you to find the best sunglasses for you. Some features to consider are:

Ultraviolet (UV) protection

UV protection is the most important feature to find in sunglasses. UV rays can cause degeneration in any of the eye’s structures, including the cornea, lens, and retina. Protecting your eyes against UV rays is essential to preserve your eye health.

Blue light protection
Digital devices, like computer screens, cellphones, and tablets, include blue light that can damage and fatigue your eyes. If you frequently look at computerized devices, blue light sunglasses can help preserve your eye health.

Polarized lenses
Polarized lenses are highly effective at reflecting light. If you frequently participate in outdoor activities, such as skiing, snowboarding, or hiking, polarized lenses can protect your eyes from glare.

Anti-reflective coating
An anti-reflective coating eliminates reflections to help you see clearer, minimizing squinting and eyestrain.

What is the difference between prescription and non-prescription sunglasses?

Prescription sunglasses have lenses that match your eyeglasses prescription. They allow you to see clearly outside, whether you’re reading a sign in the distance or checking your cellphone. Prescription sunglasses offer the advantages of UV protection and improved vision. Non-prescription sunglasses do not include prescription lenses. They offer UV protection.

After a comprehensive eye exam, the Optic Gallery The District team can help you determine whether prescription or non-prescription sunglasses are right for you.

Call Optic Gallery The District or schedule an appointment online to learn more about sunglasses.

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